Responsible investor


Contributing to a sustainable world
through our investment policy

In alignment with our stated purpose and mutualist values, relyens implements a meaningful investment policy aimed at promoting innovation and expertise, encouraging the development and sharing of best practices and contributing to value creation in our markets.

Implementing a responsible investment policy

As an investor, our group contributes to a sustainable world by paying attention to the environmental, social and governance commitments (ESG criteria) of the companies and projects we finance. by doing so, we reinforce our policy to promote socially responsible investments.

To reaffirm this commitment, in march 2021 we signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). in doing so, we joined an international network of more than 3,000 investors and companies.

Our positive action

Supporting the investments of our members

Relyens allocates some of its investments to fund investments made by healthcare institutions to help develop and improve hospital facilities. Overall, the Group has invested more than €100 million in 40 hospitals since the partnership with Arkéa Banque Entreprises et Institutionnels was formed in 2016. Through its reference brand Sham, the Group has also been an investor in the bond market since 2009, investing in bonds issued by university hospitals (CHU) and hospital hospitals (CH).

Supporting innovation in the healthcare sector

The Group develops a private equity activity, investing in innovative companies in the healthcare sector to help them get started or to support their growth projects. To this end, the Group relies on Sham Innovation Santé, an investment entity that manages its investments in healthcare companies, in partnership with Turenne Capital, an independent private equity firm.

Supporting local authorities

Through its reference brand Sofaxis, Relyens contributes to the development of local authorities and quasi-public bodies that it supports. As partners since 2018, Relyens and Acofi Gestion have provided more than €100 million in funding to the local public sector financing market through 80 transactions by the Sofaxis Investissements et Territoires and Predirec Filo 4 funds. Through these sustainable investments, we actively participated in financing multiple public facilities, such as schools, sorting and recycling centres, social housing and nursing homes.

Supporting the real economy

As an institutional investor, our Group has channelled some of its assets into financing the real economy, through SMEs and mid-caps. Drawing on our financial investment expertise, we supplement bank lending by providing medium to long-term support for companies’ development, taking into account their merit in terms of attractiveness and transparency.

In November 2021, alongside 18 insurers from the French Insurance Federation and the Caisse des Dépôts, Relyens contributed to setting up the €1.7 billion "Obligations Relance" investment fund, a component of the Recovery Plan launched by the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery. The aim to support SMEs and mid-caps with their growth and transformation following the health crisis.

Supporting projects and companies with a high social and environmental impact

In alignment with the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), we commit to taking environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into account when analysing the companies that we finance, to encourage them to implement their ESG policy and to promote transparency on these issues. In light of this, we contribute to financing the Eureden group (a cooperative of 9,000 farmers with a purpose: feeding people well) through a 7-year debt which will be used to finance projects in alignment with its ESG policy.

In June 2021, Relyens announced the success of a 10-year sustainable bond issue for €84m with a fixed interest rate of 4% via its entity Sham. The amount raised will be invested in projects with a strong environmental and social impact and will strengthen the group's regulatory capital during a period of significant development in Italy, Spain and Germany.

Supporting the development of the real estate sector

Relyens implements a proactive investment policy to help to renew the real estate sector, focusing on energy efficiency, quality and the well-being of users. It is involved in the rehabilitation of properties in the Lyon metropolitan area, the Group's historic home base.

An approach recognised over the years

Over the last seven years, we have been awarded the Instit Invest - Agefi Transparency Label, highlighting our transparency in terms of management and financial communication, our professionalism and our recent investment initiatives.

In 2020, our A rating was maintained, with nearly 75.9% of the assets in our portfolio covered. The portfolio's carbon footprint also outperformed, with a carbon intensity 71% lower than our benchmark index. Since the implementation of an “anti-coal” investment policy from 1 January 2019, issuers with fossil fuel-related activities represent only 2% of our assets under management (>5% of revenue).