The Group


A european group at the crossroads of healthcare and local authorities 

Relyens is the leading European mutual group providing Insurance and Risk Management services to Healthcare Professionals and Local Authorities. 



On the strength of our two leading brands, Sham and Sofaxis, and the complementarity of their businesses, we build the bridges necessary for cooperation between Healthcare Professionals and Local Authorities.

Our customers and members are public hospitals, private clinics, doctors, housing facilities for seniors, facilities for the disabled and social structures, as well as administrative centres, local governments and departmental fire and rescue services.



Our European dimension through our presence in four countries allows us to have a broader view of the issues facing our ecosystems and to learn
from best practices.


Heading for 2025, a Group that is transforming

This year sees the last leg of our Relyens2021 plan. This plan marked a substantial change in the history of our Group, with the creation of Relyens, the beginning of the shift in our positioning from insurer to risk manager and our desire to engage in a cultural transformation and assert a new corporate personality. Our next Strategic Plan to 2025 will be a continuation of these efforts and will mark a new stage in our development.


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