Our mission : safeguard our clients’ operations


Relyens supports its clients in managing the risks associated with their operations for the long term, helping to drive their organisations’ performance and improve the quality of the services they provide as part of their public service missions..

Firmly rooted in the environments in which it operates - health, social care and local government - Relyens has a deep understanding of the issues facing its clients and the challenges they bring, which are highly interrelated in France. Its expertise in risk management and organisational performance is instrumental for the success of its clients’ decision-makers and personnel as they deliver their public service missions. This is especially true in today’s changing landscape.

Beyond providing insurance cover, Relyens shows commitment to its clients every day, supporting them in their quest to optimise risk management and maximise operational performance. It achieves this by implementing risk prevention measures and initiatives to optimise services, encompassing IT, training and consulting services.

To extend its international reach, since 2014, Relyens has rolled out its medical malpractice insurance and risk management services to private and public-sector health facilities and professionals in Europe.

players in the health sector

Health care facilities must constantly adapt to meet the major challenges they face. By structuring and pooling resources, implementing dedicated tools and methods, fostering cooperation and sharing experiences, they take important steps to ensure the continuity and quality of patient care, working to tight budgets while guaranteeing good working conditions for their health professionals.

Because it understands these changes and their implications, Relyens offers complete tailor-made risk management solutions to complement its comprehensive insurance cover and range of specialised services.

local authorities

Local authorities, together with departmental administrative centres (CDG), face three types of challenge:

  • financing their public service missions at a time when budgets are being rationalised,
  • adapting to organisational reforms in local government (increased decentralisation, simplification of structures), which will entail the transfer of powers,
  • adjusting to structural changes, with users questioning the efficiency of public services and how they are delivered.

Relyens provides clear responses to these issues in the form of customised insurance solutions (statutory insurance, property and casualty insurance, medical and social security coverage, etc.) and a range of specialised services.