Our mission


2021 marks a new stage in the history of our Group. In line with what we have always done for our stakeholders, we are strengthening our commitment by giving ourselves a raison d'être and social and environmental objectives.


« For our mutualist Group model, being a mission-driven company seems like a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves, while still adhering to our founding values. The Administrators and I are convinced of the value and importance of this step. This new phase, both engaged and engaging, will allow us to further assert Relyens’ social and environmental responsibilities and strengthen the trust placed in us by our customers and members and, more broadly, by those in our ecosystem. »

Olivier BOSSARD, Chairman of Sham, Relyens group

« This status of mission-driven company aims to provide a new response to business models that are being questioned and are even outdated. Becoming a mission-driven company is, in a way, an obligation for Relyens, as a socially responsible company committed to serving our ecosystems, its participants and citizens and patients. We must assume political responsibility as a player in society, by addressing, through action, major social and environmental issues in an ever-changing world. This is a voluntary, non-normative process
that allows us to affirm our uniqueness, including the way in which the project is carried out. »

Dominique GODET, CEO of the Relyens group

Our purpose

Act and innovate,
alongside those who promote the public interest,
to build a world of trust.

This newly-defined purpose inspires us and fuels our strategic vision and day-to-day activities. It demonstrates how we intend to contribute concretely to tomorrow’s society.

Being a mission-driven company does not mean strictly applying processes and procedures, or monitoring indicators and reading meters. Above all, it is a state of mind: the desire to act for a better society.

4 social and environmental objectives

  • Protect and secure the continuity of services delivered by our customers and members
  • Make fairness and equity central to relationships among our stakeholders
  • Innovate and engage to build a desirable future
  • Contribute to a sustainable world

Combining our purpose and objectives is our mission for the coming years. A mission formalised by Sham, the Relyens group's parent company, which adopted the status of "Mission-driven compagny" in june 2021.  

We are working through autumn 2021 to define the commitments that will bring our mission to fruition and that we will need to fulfil, over time, in an exemplary way. This entails strategically implementing the mission at each level of the company so that all Relyens’ employees play a part in fulfilling it through their day-to-day actions.

#AllAmbassadors of the Relyens mission

Our purpose was co-created over several months with all our stakeholders. The objective: to feel collectively and individually involved in order to maximize the impact of our future actions and to arrive at a clear, sincere, federative, impactful definition that is consistent with our mutualist model.  As key stakeholders in our mutual group, all of us – customers and members, partners, directors, delegates and employees – are #AllAmbassadors of this Relyens mission.

Our staff and directors tell us about the mission.

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