Our aims


Since it was founded, Relyens has set its sights on expansion and diversification.

To this end, it relies on the expertise of its entities, all of which are firmly anchored in the environments in which they operate, to support professionals in the health, social and local authority spheres. With the aim of gaining recognition as a mutual insurance group on a European scale, driving progress in its markets and for its clients, Relyens international expansion further enriches its corporate culture and enhances its capacity to innovate.

Accelerate the diversification
of our operations

The Group’s entities must all adapt to deep structural changes in their respective sectors: establishment of regional hospital consortiums (“GHT”) for public health facilities, restructuring across private institutions and the regional reforms underway following the implementation of France’s NotrE and Mapam laws. In this changing landscape, Relyens plans to develop and expand the insurance solutions and services it provides, while engaging in partnerships to actively protect and secure its clients’ operations.

To this end, since 2016 Relyens, in partnership with APICIL, has developed a range of personal insurance lines (health, accident, savings, retirement) for private health and medical-social institutions - “for profit” and “non-profit” - and health professionals, covering the facilities and their employees.

Pursue our international

Relyens anticipates future developments and is diversifying its operations geographically. Building on its insurance and risk management model, the group opened offices in Spain at the end of 2014, in Italy in June 2015 and in Germany in 2017.

The Group also offers an international risk management solution, building on the expertise developed by Sham in the French market. Within this framework, Relyens has undertaken risk management missions since 2016 for healthcare facilities in the Mediterranean countries.