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Founded in 2017, CyberMDX is a cybersecurity company whose platform is used to prevent cyber attacks on connected medical devices and other connected healthcare equipment and systems. CyberMDX identifies and protects connected health technologies to ensure operational resilience, enabling:

  • Automation of the inventory of connected systems
  • Intelligent management and security of IoT implementations in hospitals
  • Vulnerability detection and monitoring of network traffic using artificial intelligence
  • Operational analysis of connected technologies

CyberMDX is based the United States, and successfully deployed at leading healthcare organizations.


A French company created 20 years ago, aDvens covers the full range of expertise from governance to operational security management. Base in France (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux and Nantes), it has more than 300 active customers in France and internationally in the healthcare, public and local authority spheres, as well as in services, industry, finance and distribution.
aDvens notably offers an innovative suite of turn-key cybersecurity services (Security-as-a-service) which
takes advantage of the best technologies on the market. It thus makes cybersecurity simple, effective and
accessible to all.





Founded in Berlin in 2013, Caresyntax is the developer of a fully integrated, digital surgery ecosystem that provides technology vendors, health systems, medical device manufacturers and insurance providers with actionable surgical data and automation to mitigate surgical risk.
Combining Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and AI technologies the Caresyntax platform transforms unstructured clinical and operational data into actionable and real-time information, workflow automation and decision support. Using Caresyntax technology enables stakeholders in the surgical care continuum to:

  • Increase visibility and understanding of “hot-spots” for clinical and operational risk.
  • Automate surgical processes and workflows
  • Optimise resource allocation and utilization of the operating room
  • Facilitate data enabled learning with benchmarked performance indicators
  • Reduce variability in technical performance and clinical outcomes

Caresyntax is based in Germany and the United States and its solution is currently used in more than
7,000 operating rooms and 1,800 hospitals worldwide, representing more than 10 million surgical
procedures per year.



Founded in Israel in 2015, CLEW develops predictive models for patients’ clinical conditions by collecting the full range of patient data (by running periodic direct queries on electronic health records or receiving real-time messages from hospital interface engines). Initially focused on intensive care, CLEW’s models are now being extended to all care settings with a view to providing a platform serving as a centralised steering tool. In particular, the solutions developed by CLEW make it possible to:

  • Make better informed clinical decisions
  • Improve results and safety
  • Streamline patient care
  • Reduce the cost of care.

Since March 2021, CLEW has been registered its AI-powered ICU clinical management and support solution for CE, marking the company's further expansion into the European healthcare market.  Registration of the full range of CLEW's advanced, AI-based predictive analytics solution will enable centralized critical care management leveraging all available patient data, providing clinical optimization for effective treatment and acuity-based resource allocation.

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Founded in Barcelona in 2017, Amalfi offers visualisation tools for clinical decision-making using machine
learning algorithms to prevent and predict events at the local and regional levels. Its use by health authorities and hospital managers makes it possible to :

  • Analyse the mobility of regional populations and assess the adequacy of resources
  • Analyse how patients evolve over time in the form of trajectories
  • Reduce waiting times for urgent care
  • Reduce the risk of readmission
  • Prevent absenteeism.




The health study and consultancy company HEVA (Health Evaluation) was created in September 2005, by Ludovic LAMARSALLE & Alexandre VAINCHTOCK, pharmacists and health economists, after more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector and consulting.

Focused towards the hospital sphere, the HEVA company is developing its activity around analysing health data from various databases such as the PMSI or the SNIIRAM. It does this in order to carry out studies across many fields: whether it be epidemiology, the study of patient trajectories, the study of the conditions of use of health products in real life, the study of the costs associated with the management of a given pathology or even projects studying the evolution of pricing models towards P4P (Payment for Performance).

The HEVA company also develops dynamic mapping tools or web interfaces allowing simple data visualization and real-time use of data.


Since 2013, in addition to conventional statistical analysis and innovative data visualizations, HEVA has developed a third sphere of competence: the implementation of advanced analytical techniques to meet the challenges of increasingly complex health data. The creation of Process Mining and Machine Learning algorithms that model patient journeys and explore patient information not only make it possible to better understand care, but also to be able to predict the occurrence of adverse events or complications.”


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