A unique player


mutualist values and entrepreneurial drive

Relyens stands out for its service model combining commitment to its mutual values with entrepreneurial drive. Relyens roots go back to 1927, when Société Hospitalière d’Assurance Mutuelle (SHAM) was founded by hospital directors. Its governance model, steered by its members, and its mutualist values guide the Group in its daily work.

Relyens brands and entities have in-depth knowledge and expertise in their respective markets. Through these entities, and their relationships with clients and members built on closeness and trust, the Group delivers a comprehensive range of tailor-made insurance products and services to enable clients to optimise their risk management and organisational performance.

Our mission – safeguarding clients’ activities - extends well beyond France’s borders. Anticipating the risks of tomorrow, building on our experience in the field, training as many people as possible to spread a culture of risk prevention across European institutions – these are our key challenges in Europe. These European players in the health, social and medical-social sectors have trusted us to safeguard their operations.

A governance model that reflects
our status as a mutual group

Our governance model reflects our status as a mutual group: as a “people company”, not a “capital company”, our aim is to achieve satisfaction among our members, who remain our primary decision-makers.

Based on that of Sham, Relyens governance model is built on mutualist principles. Members elect delegates among their representatives every three years. At the AGM, the delegates appoint members of the Board of Directors, which has set up four specialist committees: the Bureau, the Technical Committee, the Financial Committee and the Audit Committee.

The Group’s operational management is overseen by the General Management, responsible for implementing the strategy defined by the Board of Directors and ensuring that the business plan, road maps and action plans are implemented at the Lyon head office (France) and across the group’s subsidiaries and branches.

President of the Board of Directors: Olivier BOSSARD, Managing Director of Saint-Etienne university hospital

Chief Executive Officer: Dominique Godet

Shared values


Relyens combines this unique strength with a meaningful business policy. In a constant quest to improve the support it delivers to clients in the health and local authority spheres in the management of their business risks, it develops models tailored to their needs, relying on external growth, the creation of specific vehicles and partnerships with complementary players.