Relyens and you


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You relate to our values and identity, you want to take part in the transformation of Relyens, you are ready to embody who we are and who we want to be.

Join the Relyens experience! 

Welcome on board


Ambition 2021: A single onboarding process for every employee


This is followed by a series of meetings with your manager during the course of the year to facilitate ongoing discussions on your targets and your career path at Relyens.


Training is central to every career path ​

We make Relyens a learning company to help you to further your professional development on a daily basis.

Our aim: to create the conditions to optimise your development.

DIGITAL CAMPUS, an opportunity to enhance your skills independently through e-learning and online conferences on various themes: wellbeing at work, stress management, public speaking, teleworking, office software, boosting your creativity, etc.


A collaborative environment

Your working environment influences your mindset, creativity, decision-making and energy at work. This is why we strive to promote “working better together”. Our premises reflect our cultural transformation, with a shift towards a more horizontal structure that facilitates discussion and sharing.

Aims: to ensure that employees are comfortable at work and feel at home in all Relyens’ locations.