Understand in order to act

Why manage your risks ?

In order to prevent incidents, damage and business disruptions, you must first understand where your vulnerabilities lie. The aim is to understand your environment: identify the threats and sources of risks specific to your organisation, your activities and your equipment.

Measuring your risk exposure and its human, organisational and financial consequences is key. As is the real-time analysis of ongoing situations and the ex-post analysis of the impacts of any incidents.

To be effective, the risk management process must therefore cover the entire risk chain. This makes it possible to implement appropriate risk prevention and compensation measures and to draw on feedback following any incidents.

Risk prediction and analysis enable us to understand and act. This is one of the three pillars of our risk management approach.

What we do in practice

Relyens supports you in the prediction

modelling and understanding of your environments, activities and associated risks.

Upstream, we support you in measuring

mapping and ranking your risks. Downstream, we work with you to assess the impact of measures implemented.

Our risk management solutions

  • Audits and diagnostics
  • Prediction and analysis tools: simulators, algorithms, etc.
  • Data visualisation tools: My data management
  • Services & support
  • Training
    • Managing risks by evaluating practices
    • Reading and interpreting statistics
    • Understanding risk recognition procedures
    • Individual conduct audit
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