Avoid and mitigate risk

What does preventing your risks mean?

Our customers face many challenges when it comes to managing their medical, cyber and human resources risks. So a financial solution alone, i.e. compensation, is no longer enough. The aim today is to be able to anticipate and limit these risks.

This means identifying every risk involved and rolling out an effective prevention strategy aiming to reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring and, if an incident does occur, to quickly apply corrective measures to reduce its impacts.

Anticipation and prevention enable us to take action and mitigate risk. This is one of the three pillars of our risk management approach.

What we do in practice 

Relyens raises your awareness of the risks to which your activities are exposed and supports you in implementing an appropriate action plan to reduce their occurrence and impact.

At Relyens, we structure our prevention approach in 3 levels:

Before an incident occurs

we strive to prevent incidents and limit their occurrence.

As an incident occurs

we are able to reduce its impacts.

After an incident occurs

we implement corrective measures to limit its impacts and prevent it from happening again.

Our risk prevention and mitigation solutions

  • Consulting
  • Risk inspections
  • Audits
  • Prevention approach
  • Tech-driven solutions
  • Barometer
  • Coaching and support programs
  • Hotlines
  • Training
    • Developing your QWL approach
    • Managing an employee with health problems
    • Managing risk prevention on a daily basis
    • Integrating the human factor into the safety of care
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