A committed and engaging strategic plan

For almost 100 years, we have been working, learning and engaging on many fronts with our customers, members, directors, partners and employees. Thanks to them, Relyens is now more than ever a highly committed, resolutely optimistic group that protects, listens, innovates and constantly evolves with the sole aim of serving the interests of the health and social care and local authority sectors in Europe.

Today, in full alignment with our mission and longstanding commitment to the people who work for the common good, we continue to work towards this goal, taking even more determined steps to tackle the priority risks that affect their daily lives. We are accelerating our development and strengthening our positions in our European markets in order to equip ourselves to respond effectively and fairly to their needs.

Our ambition

We aim to be a mutual group that has reinvented itself and is shaping others. An orchestrator of solutions to insure against, prevent and manage HR risk, medical risk, and technology risk (including cyber risk).

Conference Business Meeting Presentation: CEO Businessman Shows
Conference Business Meeting Presentation: CEO Businessman Shows

An aim inspired by the challenges of our ever changing environments

Our customers and members and their ecosystems are changing at every level

We aim to provide them with innovative practical solutions, closely tailored to address the issues they face.

Insurers must reinvent the support they offer, going beyond financial coverage alone

We aim to transform the insurance industry to meet policyholders’ growing needs.

Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and data is increasingly important.

We want to build technology into our core businesses and solutions.

Companies face increasingly demanding social and environmental expectations.

Let’s reinvent ourselves and boldly adopt a more resilient and responsible model.


We see these trends as opportunities to grow and develop for the benefit of our customers and members. This inspired the thinking behind our strategic plan, ImpACT2025. Our strategy is aligned with our mission and underpinned by the social and environmental goals that shape our day-to-day work.


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Sans titre

Protect and enable the stability of services delivered by our members and customers

We support our customers with the overall management of their risks so that they can deliver their public services with peace of mind, confidence and efficiency.

Founded as an insurer, today Relyens implements an end-to-end risk management approach that is unique in Europe, blending risk management, risk prevention and insurance solutions. We work alongside our customers and members at every stage of the risk management process, addressing three key challenges: preserving human capital, securing the care pathway and ensuring cybersecurity.

Thanks to this 360° view of customers’ risks, we do more than compensate for our customers’ and members’ losses. Working alongside them, we identify, analyse and prevent risks to reduce their impacts and/or stop them from happening. We intervene upstream, in real time and downstream of any incident. We are also on hand to respond effectively to any incident and manage the aftermath.

In this way, we safeguard our customers’ day-to-day activities and jobs, protecting the women and men who work hard every day for the direct benefit of the public.

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Make fairness and equity central to relationships among our stakeholders

Increasing our stakeholders’ satisfaction by developing relationships built on trust and transparency.

Convinced that together we will go further, we are working hard to increase our engagement in our environment, coordinating the interests and expertise of our customers, partners, employees and coopetitors to achieve even greater collaborative success.

To do this, in all our interactions across our ecosystem we strive to develop relationships based on trust, by establishing win-win partnerships and adopting a collaborative approach. We implement specific action plans in order to continuously improve the way in which all our stakeholders experience Relyens.

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Innovate and engage to build a desirable future

Pushing the boundaries in our core insurance business to meet policyholders’ growing needs.

 Today, Relyens operates beyond the boundaries of its core insurance business. We draw on our core expertise and harness new technology, data and our partners’ knowledge to enhance our high-value solutions, businesses and collaborative arrangements. At the heart of our strategy, this innovation-driven approach enables us to expand our horizons and to provide fast, agile solutions to meet our customers’ and members’ needs.

Relyens innovates

Contribute to a sustainable world

Reinventing ourselves and boldly adopting a more resilient and responsible model.

We see environmental, social and economic dimensions as an inseparable whole, on which sustainability and collective success depends.

By creating value with each of our partners and implementing a responsible approach throughout the company, whether in terms of our business model, our strategy, our work or our interactions with all our stakeholders, we optimise our impact in the community for the direct benefit of Europe’s citizens.

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Relyens, a European group

Acting at the crossroads of Health and Territories, in France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Relyens in Europe
Work team checking papers at meeting in office
Work team checking papers at meeting in office