Almost a 100 years as a mutualist group,
now, a new era as a mission-driven company

Convinced that companies have a political role to play and a duty to take positive action for the public good, Relyens is committed to looking beyond its immediate role as a risk manager. Having obtained mission-driven company status in June 2021, our Group’s decisions and actions are steered by a clear purpose, which is written into our company’s statues.

Our mission follows on seamlessly from our longstanding commitment to our customers and members. Comprising our purpose, together with our social and environmental goals, it involves all our stakeholders and shapes every level of our organisation for the benefit of our European customers and the citizens they serve.

Our purpose

To act and innovate,
alongside those who work for the common good,
to build a world of trust.

Our purpose is a natural extension of our longstanding commitment alongside our customers and members. It demonstrates how we intend to make a tangible contribution to the society of tomorrow.

As the strategic compass of our Group, our purpose defines what drives our company and what we are aiming for. It allows us to constantly reinvent ourselves for the benefit of our European ecosystems.

Much more than an intention, it guarantees the coherence of our action and is the basis of our durability in the service of our clients and members.


4 social and environmental goals

In everything we do, we seek to maximise our positive impact on society. We do this by building the four following goals into our work and our strategic project. This demonstrates to our stakeholders that the benefits we deliver extend well beyond our role as risk manager.

Protect and secure the continuity of services delivered by our members and customers

We support our customers with the overall management of their risks so that they can deliver their public services with peace of mind, confidence and efficiency.

Make fairness and equity central to relationships among our stakeholders

Increasing our stakeholders’ satisfaction by developing relationships built on trust and transparency.

Innovate and engage to build a desirable future

Pushing the boundaries in our core insurance business to meet policyholders’ growing needs.

Contribute to a sustainable world

Moving away from traditional models, reinventing ourselves and boldly transitioning towards a more resilient and responsible model.

Being a mission-driven company means:

  • Adopting a demanding model that requires our group to make its activities more sustainable, taking into account its social, environmental and economic impacts.
  • Daring to repeatedly question our purpose, our corporate culture and our business model, in order to make our group more innovative, more resilient and more responsible.
  • Setting a shared course of action that will enable our teams to improve our impact for the direct benefit of citizens by implementing tangible solutions that are both effective and sustainable.
  •  Opening up even more to our environments to meet current and future challenges together with our customers, partners and coopetitors.
  • Taking long-term action to secure our continuity and build trust for the benefit of our customers and members.

It is above all a mindset: a desire to work together, sustainably, for a better society.

Relyen’s mission Committee

Being a mission-driven company also means adopting a new governance body for our Group, which is open to our environment. Pursuant to France’s PACTE law of May 2019, the mission Committee monitors our business practices to check that they are fully aligned with our purpose. Its members encourage us to be even more ambitious and to challenge the operational goals that Relyens has set in order to fulfil its mission.

Learn about the Committee and its role

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Relyens also means: a responsible company

The most committed organisations will be the most successful and sustainable.

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A woman and little girl in school uniform running in park, back view
A woman and little girl in school uniform running in park, back view