Relyen’s Mission committee

A new governance body for our Group

Mission-driven companies with more than 50 employees must put a specific governance body in place, which is separate from the company’s management bodies. Relyens’ mission Committee will help us to improve our impact and sustainably enhance the work we do to fulfil our mission.

The mission Committee is solely responsible for monitoring Relyens’ mission and checking for consistency between its purpose and the business practices described in its annual report.

To this end, it checks that every decision made incorporates the social and environmental criteria set out in the company’s articles of association. On the basis of its findings, it assesses the effectiveness of measures implemented and ensures the proper allocation of resources. It questions the relevance of the mission’s implementation in light of developments in our ecosystems and the company’s evolution.

Members are selected with a view to incorporating complementary points of view, which provides a good overview of Relyens’ societal challenges.

We therefore endeavour to ensure that the committee includes representatives of Relyens’ business lines, markets, members and customers. We were also keen to include people from outside the company with experience in the areas of innovation and environmental engagement.

The members

Jean-Olivier ARNAUD
Mission Committee Chairman, Chairman of the Hôpital Européen, Marseille
Juliette ANDRES
Juliette ANDRES
Relyens Administrator, General Secretary of Hôpitaux Universitaires of Strasbourg
Brand and Development Director, Elithis Group
Noemi LUIS
Claims team leader, Relyens, Spain
Jean-Laurent NGUYEN-KHAC
Relyens Administrator, Director General of the CIG de la Grande Couronne in Versailles, France
Emilie POINT
Market Research and Development Expert, Relyens, France
Founder and CEO of LallianSe - Life Sciences Integrator

Standing invitees, without voting rights

Chairman of Relyens’ Board of Directors
Dominique Godet 1
Dominique GODET
Chief Executive Officer of Relyens
Director of Culture & Change, Relyens

A group united around a common mission

To act and innovate,
alongside those who work for the common good,
to build a world of trust.

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