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Posted on 23 December 2021 Modified on 29 December 2022

Relyens and Acofi Gestion pass the €100M mark in the local public sector financing market

As partners since 2018, Acofi Gestion and Relyens have provided more than €100 million in funding to the local public sector financing market through 80 transactions by the Sofaxis Investissements et Territoires and Predirec Filo 4 funds. These sustainable investments have made it possible to participate actively in the financing of numerous public facilities, such as schools, recovering and recycling centres, social housing and retirement homes.

By creating the Sofaxis Investissements et Territoires fund in 2018, Relyens wished to extend its commitment alongside the local authorities and parapublic structures that it has been supporting for over 35 years through its subsidiary Sofaxis. This approach is naturally in line with the Group’s mission to contribute to a sustainable world, in particular by strengthening its policy of socially responsible investment, in order to provide ever better support to the players in the Local Autorities and Health.

Romain Durand
Chief Investment Officer, Relyens group

“As a leading partner for local and regional authorities (through Sofaxis), we wanted to work alongside Acofi Gestion to implement agile financing solutions for public authorities that run multiple operations for citizens. We are keen to sustain our public-sector financing activity for the long term as a way to meet the many current and future social and environmental challenges.”


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