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Posted on 4 April 2022 Modified on 4 January 2023

Relyens reveals its new brand signature

Manage risks, mutualise trust.©

This signature expresses the Group’s uniqueness: its DNA, its way of acting and its purpose alongside those who act for the good of each and every one. They are working hard every day in the regions and communités, in the healthcare and social work sectors throughout Europe.

“More than a slogan, this signature unites more than 1,000 employees across France, Spain, Italy and Germany around a common vision.It reaffirms our collective commitment to our customers and members whom we have been supporting for almost 100 years, and to their beneficiaries, patients and citizens. A big thank you to our clients, partners and employees who took part in the making of this film!”
Dominique Godet – CEO of Relyens Group

To learn more about our vision and convictions, discover the new Relyens brand film.

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