A multi-specialist player



Through a global and dynamic approach, we help our customers and members anticipate, prevent and control their risk over the long term in three priority areas: HR risk, medical risk and cyber risk. These risks, regardless of their type, are intrinsically linked and must be addressed on a cross-cutting basis. 

Our method, from upstream to downstream of the eventual incident, allows us to co-construct with our clients a customized solution, adapted to their organizational and financial specificities, to the complexity of their environment and to the evolution of their challenges.


A relationship of trust, serving the general interest

This approach is possible thanks to the relationship of trust that we develop and nurture on a daily basis with the actors of the Health and Territories. Based on a relationship of reciprocity, transparency and responsibility, these close ties enrich our detailed knowledge of their vulnerabilities and environments.

In order to provide effective, long-term and local support to our clients and members, we draw on the diversity of our multidisciplinary teams, our networks of experts and our insurance partners.


Technology and data in support of risk reduction

Based on the use of data and artificial intelligence, our technological solutions are at the heart of our approach. These solutions allow us to act upstream and in real time on the risk factors in order to provide a predictive vision and avoid their occurrence.

We are thus able to digitize, structure and exploit all of our clients' data for the purpose of reducing their risks.

To do this, we work with various technological partners specialized in risk prevention. In order to guarantee the quality and sustainable performance of these solutions.


Medical risk prevention and reduction



Cyber risk identification and prevention




Prediction of business and employee flows



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