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Relyens Business Report 2019

"Transforming our business to better serve our clients". The Relyens group will continue to work on its new business project "Relyens 2021", launched in early 2019.

In the latest edition of its annual report, you will find the Group's ambitions and prospects, its DNA as a mutualist player, its dynamic development on a European scale, its transformation project to support its customers as closely as possible in the evolution of their needs in the service of citizens, but also its commitment to building an agile company that is adapted to its environment.

Discover also the highlights that have punctuated the life of the Group in 2019 and its results confirming its growth and financial solidity.

"We are preparing for the future and we are relevant in a changing world. This line must continue to be ours in the years to come," says Olivier Bossard, Chairman of Sham's Board of Directors.

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Groupe Sham 2017 business report

A global reference partner helping players in the health, social care and local authority spheres to manage the risks inherent in their operations, Groupe Sham is a mutual insurance group on a European scale, a solid and sustainable player within its environment.

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Overview: “the impact of absences from work for health reasons on the sustainable employability of local government personnel” – 2016 observatory

With the level of absences remaining high overall in 2016, it is important to look more closely at the ages and career stages most affected, in order to foster the sustainable employability of local government officials.
Beyond the baseline indicators of absenteeism across local authorities, the 2017 edition of the Overview considers a more detailed analysis, looking behind the numbers for factors that explain absenteeism patterns.

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