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Published on 23 March 2023

1st Official Report of the 2022 Mission Committee

The recognition of 2 years of strong commitment and achievements for the Group as a mission-driven company, for the benefit of European healthcare actors and local territories.

The Mission Committee is an essential element of the mission-driven company system. Its purpose is to validate the proper execution of the mission.

For several weeks, its 7 members scrupulously compare the commitments made by Relyens with the concrete actions implemented to achieve them as well as their impact. Its evaluation is presented annually in a dedicated report. This official document is made public and attached to the management report shared with the assembly in charge of approving the company’s accounts.

Made up of external and internal stakeholders, the Mission Committee provides us with an outside perspective, encouraging us to question ourselves, to go beyond ourselves while remaining true to our mission. It will help us to increase our impact and sustainably improve our actions for the benefit of our clients and their beneficiaries, patients and citizens.

We would like to thank the members of the Mission Committee for their careful analysis and our European teams who are at the heart of our transformation and who enable us to deliver on our commitments every day.

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Adorable toddler girl having fun in park
Adorable toddler girl having fun in park