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Posted on 13 July 2023 Modified on 13 July 2023

Discover our 2022 Business report

A look back at a year in which we drove forward our mission to serve healthcare professionals and local authorities, through a 100% digital and multilingual edition, produced by 31 Relyens employees in France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Chairman of Relyens

“In 2022, Relyens has been given 3 strong impulses: the launch of its new strategic plan ImpACT2022, the setting up of the Group’s Mission Committee in charge of evaluating the proper execution of the mission and challenging achievements in terms of their impact, and finally, the adoption of the Relyens brand for all activities. I would like to reiterate my satisfaction with the work accomplished by the Relyens teams. Once again this year, they have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to serving the public interest.”

GODET Dominique
Dominique GODET
CEO of Relyens

“We can be proud of 2022, a year in which the commitment of our Relyens team has been exemplary, our collaborations with our customers and members have been numerous and stimulating, and our relationships with our partners have been fruitful. Together, we have been able to imagine, create, propose and experiment with new value-generating solutions, laying the foundations for a new, more virtuous and sustainable approach to risk.”

(Re)discover our convictions and the major achievements of our Group in the 1st year of the ImpACT2025 strategic plan.


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