Mother and son pointing looking out bus window
Mother and son pointing looking out bus window


2022 Business report

This business report invites you to find out more about Relyens’ achievements in 2022. As you read it you will discover the beliefs of our Group as a Mission-Driven Company, the commitment of our employees and the strength of our collaborative initiative. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to our achievements.

2022, a year that drove the mission

Relyens CEO

In June 2021, Relyens became a Mission-Driven Company, defining its ‘raison d’être’ as “To act and innovate, alongside those who work for the common good, to build a world of trust”. Much more than an intention, this ‘raison d’être’ is now the Group’s strategic compass, establishing what drives it and where it’s going.

It is the logical progression of a transformation that has been underway for several years now, to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and local authorities. A process that is now gathering pace in terms of the cultural, managerial, organisational and technological plan.

2022 saw three major drives within the Relyens Group.

  • The first began with the launch of the new IMPACT2025 strategic plan, built to benefit the mission and in which each stakeholder plays an important role.
  • The second drive came from the establishment of a specific governance structure – the creation of the Relyens Mission Committee that is responsible for evaluating the successful execution of the mission and questioning developments in terms of their impact.
  • Finally, the third drive was the adoption of the Relyens brand for all our activities. A powerful symbol that demonstrates our determination to build a unique approach to risk management in the healthcare and local authority sectors.

I would like to repeat how happy I am with the work achieved by the Relyens teams.  Once again this year, there have been many immense achievements, but it is the ability to rethink transform with energy and enthusiasm that would particularly like to acknowledge.  Moreover, this year demonstrates the unfailing commitment of the teams to serving the general interest.

GODET Dominique
Dominique GODET
Chief Executive Officer of Relyens

Being a Mission-Driven Company means making a commitment. And with regard to this, 2022 was a remarkable year. The IMPACK2025 strategic plan was created to enable Relyens to bring its mission to life, giving each of our employees the opportunity to play an active role.

And, the results are here! Our risk management model has been enhanced with a cyber risk management platform for healthcare organisations, we are offering our customers new medical and HR risk prevention services and our insurance offer is going digital to improve performance for everyone.

Our environmental commitment is reflected in the carbon footprint of all the Group’s entities and our direct and indirect activity in France, Spain, Italy and Germany. And the low-carbon strategy is based on three key areas: investment, commitment and travel.

Finally, the Group’s structure has been reorganised with the creation of 3 risk Activity Centres (medical, technology and HR), enabling us to address our challenges more effectively in all our European markets.

We can be proud of 2022, a year in which the engagement of the Relyens team has been outstanding, customers collaborations have been countless and inspiring and our partner relationships fruitful. Together we have imagined, created, suggested and experimented with new value-generating solutions, laying the foundations for a new, more ethical approach to risk.

I would like to extend my warmest thanks to our employees, customers and partners for their involvement and their determination to make healthcare professionals’ and local authorities’ general interest missions safer.

Transformation underway

Being a mission-Driven Company is a model that commits us to making a positive impact on Society and has prompted us to rethink ourselves in order to address tomorrow’s challenges in society and to undertake an in-depth transformation within a changing ecosystem.

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Transformation underway