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Posted on 30 July 2021 Modified on 29 December 2022

Relyens becomes associate member of the European Alliance for Value In Health (EAVH)

The Relyens group joins EAVH as an associate member. This alliance aims at connecting the different stakeholders of the European health ecosystem to support the vision of a patient-centered and sustainable value-based health system.

Director Partnerships and External Relations - Relyens group

“Joining EAVH is a natural part of Relyens’ strategy to become an anchor. Through an open and collaborative approach, we aim to positively impact the overall performance of our ecosystems. Our common ambition is to accompany European healthcare actors in the continuous improvement of their activities and practices. It is by disseminating knowledge and best practices, promoting value-based healthcare, that we will enable patients to access care in a quality and secure environment.

Romain CARRÉ
Strategy Innovation Manager - Relyens group

“The sharing of experiences and experiments within the Alliance is a great opportunity to provide a variety of insights on how to improve the value created by healthcare systems. Our contribution also includes our network of technology partners with whom we have the opportunity to build models to make certain initiatives sustainable, and to make them truly European references.”

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