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Posted on 21 March 2022 Modified on 15 December 2022

Relyens supports the development of Manty

Relyens participates in the fundraising of 3 million euros carried out by the company Manty, specialist in decision support for public authorities

Created in 2017, the start-up Manty delivers smart solutions based on the extraction, processing and provision of data to local authorities.

This fundraising will allow Manty to accelerate its growth by recruiting new employees while partnering with a leading player in the territorial ecosystem. It also opens up perspectives for the development of new products in favor of the prevention and risks management for local authorities, in particular HR risk, one of the 3 priority risks of which Relyens is an expert.

This investment takes on its full meaning within the framework of Relyens’ commitment to secure and enable the continuity of its customers’ business. It responds to the Group’s ambition to design and deploy innovative and integrated risk management solutions.

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