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14 sep 2021

Relyens announces its acquisition of a stake in the PSIH Group

With a presence in more than 1,000 health establishments, 25 university hospitals, 13 cancer centres and 102 territorial hospital groups, the PSIH Group is one of the French leaders in the management and hosting of health data in hospitals. For more than 20 years, the PSIH Group has offered a decision-making platform to help hospital decision-makers better understand their data in order to make better decisions and ultimately provide better care.

This new acquisition is fully in line with the strategy deployed by Relyens. As a Risk Manager for the health and medico-social sector, our ambition is to anticipate and prevent risk, to control it and to accompany our clients in a virtuous approach, to both protect and ensure.

We have chosen to place innovation at the heart of our value proposition in order to provide healthcare institutions, with appropriate responses to changes or the emergence of new business risks. Nowadays, technology makes it possible to analyse data, identify and anticipate risks much earlier than was previously possible. It allows us to deepen our global vision and our reading of risks, whether they are business risks, organisational risks or cyber risks.

For Dominique Godet, General Manager of Relyens Group: "Much more than a financial investment, this acquisition is a concrete illustration of the mission of Relyens alongside the actors of the general interest. By participating in the growth of the PSIH Group, Relyens contributes to the acceleration of the deployment of innovative solutions and more broadly, to the efficiency of the actors of our customer ecosystem in Health sector." 

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23 jul 2021

Relyens announces €84 million subordinated green bond issue to finance its European development

Relyens has announced the success of its €84 million 10-year green bond issue. Paying interest at a fixed rate of 4%, the bonds were issued via the Group’s parent company, Sham, marking the first issue of its kind by a French insurance company. The amount raised will be invested in projects with a strong environmental and social impact and will strengthen the mutual group's regulatory capital during a period of significant development in Italy, Spain and Germany. The transaction is part of the Relyens Group’s strategic plan and underpins the commitments it has made as an insurer and risk manager to support healthcare providers and local authorities working for the common good.

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Mission-driven company

01 jul 2021

Relyens strengthens its commitment to its stakeholders by establishing a Raison d'être and social and environmental objectives

The status of “Entreprise à mission” (mission-driven company) has been incorporated in the articles of association of mutual company Sham, Relyens’ parent company, to benefit all the Group’s brands

Representatives of the members and customers of Sham, the Relyens Group's parent company, came together at the Combined General Meeting on 25 June 2021 and approved the proposal put forward by the Board of Directors to incorporate the "Entreprise à mission" status in the articles of association. This enables the Relyens group as a whole to establish a Raison d'être and associated social and environmental objectives. This set of principles will guide Relyens and its entities (Sham and Sofaxis) in their work for the coming years. This important step cements and reinforces the mutualist values that have been the Group’s DNA since it was founded over 90 years ago.

Relyens’ Raison d'être is to:

“Act and innovate

alongside those who work for the common good

to build a world of trust."

All Ambassadors

29 jun 2021

#AllAmbassadors of our Relyens mission

Unveiled at our General Assembly on 25 June 2021, Relyens' Raison d'être has been co-constructed over several months with all our stakeholders. The objective: to feel collectively and individually involved in order to maximise the impact of our future actions and to arrive at a clear, sincere, unifying, impactful definition that is consistent with our mutualist model.

In this same dynamic, we invite our client-members, partners, administrators, delegates and employees to come and testify and share the meaning of our mission for them.



28 may 2021

The "Join us" section of the Relyens website is renewed!

We are proud to present it to you, more user-friendly and more intuitive.
Designed for candidates and employees, in line with our transformation and development project.

- Discover the Group, its activity, the collaborators who consitute it
- Understand the values that drive us every day
- Consult current job offers at our various sites in France and abroad  

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14 apr 2021

Results 2020 - Relyens: a solid and growing Group despite the Covid-19 crisis

Despite a difficult context due to the Covid-19 crisis, Relyens consolidated its historical activities and affirmed its European dimension, through its reference brands Sham and Sofaxis, while supporting its various stakeholders.

The Group is financially resilient and continues to grow, to conquer new markets, to strengthen its value proposition and its positioning as a Risk Manager.

The diversification of activities carried out over the last 5 years has enabled the Group to reach for the first time more than €900 million in premiums collected (€915 million) for a turnover that has increased slightly to €488 million in a particularly difficult competitive, economic and health context.

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18 mar 2021

The 2021 digital edition of the Risk Management Competition is launched!

Sham, the leading company of the Relyens group and risk manager partner of the health and medico-social sectors, is launching the 21st edition of its annual Risk Management Competition. Open to all establishments, whether they are members or not, in its 4 countries of establishment (France, Spain, Italy and Germany), it aims at rewarding innovative and original projects in favor of risk prevention.

This competition, which will run from March to September 2021, reflects Sham's ambition to continually improve the security of the care pathway in the service of patient safety.

Institutions participating in the Risk Management Competition have the opportunity to apply in three new categories that reflect the areas of healthcare security on which Sham works on a daily basis: HR risk, medical risk and cyber risk.

- The "Taking care of those who care for us" award rewarding projects aimed at reducing absenteeism and improving the Quality of Life at work;
- The "Reducing Medical Risk" award for innovative projects aimed at improving medical procedures and practices;
- The "Cyber Risk Reduction" award for prevention and awareness-raising initiatives for professionals, as well as organizational and technical solutions for dealing with cyber risk.

For the first time, a single European prize will be awarded to a project already implemented in a French, Italian, Spanish or German institution.

The awards will be presented to the winners during a digital event on the occasion of World Patient Safety Day, a global gathering around patient safety organized on September 17.

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11 mar 2021

The Relyens Group signs the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)


The Relyens Group relies on a meaningful partnership and investment policy to strengthen its commitment to stakeholders and actors in its environment. For several years now, it has been committed to a more responsible investment policy.

To reaffirm this commitment, Relyens has signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) label. By joining, it joins an international network of more than 3,000 investors and companies.

This endorsement confirms the Group's commitment to responsible finance and is a further step towards integrating environmental, social and governance issues into the choice of investment strategies.

It is also a commitment to ethics and to the continuity of the Group's commitment to the public interest missions carried out by its corporate clients, players in the healthcare sector and local authorities.

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04 mar 2021


This fund-raising will enable ENVIE Autonomie, a specialist in the distribution of reconditioned and solidarity medical equipment, to accelerate its change of scale and bring its offer of reconditioned and solidarity medical equipment to new territories, primarily for people who give up their equipment for economic reasons.

Sham has contributed to 7 other investors, who are also the main players in "impact investing" in France, to support ENVIE Autonomie. The Cooperative aims at structuring the circular economy of medical equipment. A model for the future that limits waste and develops accessibility to equipment for all, thanks to a more virtuous, solidarity-based and economic system.

As a mutual company specialising in insurance and risk management, Sham is a solid and sustainable partner for health and medico-social actors. We manage our funds in a professional, responsible and efficient way, in accordance with our mutualist values. We are committed to supporting the creation of values and jobs, but also to improving the supply and quality of care.


23 feb 2021

Quality of Working Life, a real lever at the service of the territory

In a study conducted jointly with the National Syndicate of General Directors of Territorial Collectivities (NSGDTC), Sofaxis deciphers the notion of Quality of Working Life (QWL) and emphasizes the importance of preserving human capital within communities. Indeed, the implementation of a QWL approach is a major lever to be activated to ensure the commitment of the agents, it is a win-win system for an efficient public service. This approach must gradually be integrated into the culture of territorial structures, to become an integral part of their DNA. 

QWL is one of the key issues worked on by the Vice-Presidency of Management and Territorial Organization of the SNDGCT and is also the subject on which its Knowledge Partnership with Sofaxis is based since 2017. 

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12 feb 2021

Sham sponsor of the AP-HP "Bloc OPératoire Augmenté" (BOPA) innovation chair

The "Bloc OPératoire Augmenté" (BOPA) innovation chair is the result of a partnership between AP-HP and the IMines-Télécom Institut (MTI). It is located at the Paul-Brousse Hospital, within the AP-HP GHU. Université Paris-Saclay, BOPA identifies problems in the operating room and provides human and technological solutions: transforming the relationship to error in surgery and increasing the number of professionals by accelerating the use of digital technology in the operating room. By humanly and technologically modernizing the operating theatre, BOPA's actors want to transform the analysis and learning of the surgical act.

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09 feb 2021


Sham, Risk Manager, a partner of health and medico-social actors on a European scale, publishes a White Paper dedicated to their cybersecurity. Malfunctions, attacks, the impact of the health crisis, governance, obligations and best practices... Sham deciphers cyber risk through the testimony of cyber security experts and key figures, and calls for better preparation of the cyber resilience of institutions.

To consult the White Paper 


08 feb 2021


The rating agency AM Best confirms this year once again to Sham, the mutual and holding company of the Relyens group, the Financial Strength Rating and Issuer Credit Rating at "A- (Excellent), stable outlook". This long-term rating benefits the entire Relyens group, which sees its strategy and positioning as a leading European insurer and risk manager for the healthcare sector and territories strengthened. The transformation of its business model, the diversification of its activities, risks and customers contribute to securing their activities and protecting those who are committed to serving patients and citizens. 

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27 jan 2021

Olivier Bossard, President of the Board of Directors of Relyens appointed Managing Director of Saint-Etienne University Hospital

A decree of the President of the Republic published in the Official Journal on Wednesday 27 January 2021 announces the appointment of Olivier Bossard to the post of General Manager of the Saint-Etienne University Hospital Centre. Previously Director of the Hospital Centres of Le Mans, Saint-Calais, Château-du-Loir and Le Lude (Sarthe), he succeeds Michaël Galy, General Director of the University Hospital of Strasbourg since September 2020. The President of the Board of Directors of our Group will leave Le Mans University Hospital around 9 February, to take up his new position in Saint-Etienne on 1 March. An appointment and a new proximity to the Lyon headquarters, which the Relyens teams are delighted about!


21 dec 2020


In 2021, Relyens will continue its transformation to even better support its clients in securing their public interest missions and to improve the lives of patients and citizens together with them.

Best wishes.

14 sep 2020

World Patient Safety Day: Sham promotes innovation for the safety of the health system

As the Risk Manager and partner of health and social care professionals, Sham (Relyens group) is organising a virtual European round table on 17 September 2020 to raise awareness among its members and stakeholders of the importance of maximising the safety of the patient care pathway. This initiative features among the events planned for World Patient Safety Day, organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) at the international level, but is also part of Sham's global approach to risk management and prevention.

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14 sep 2020


ACTINEO, the German market leader for the digitalisation and medical assessment of bodily injury claims, and Sham (Relyens group), the European leader in risk management for health actors, have founded a joint venture named ANTEVIS. The insurtech’s mission is to transform medical malpractice claims management in Europe, and internationally, by putting digitalisation at the heart of its strategy.

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business report 2019

22 jul 2020

Relyens Business Report 2019 "Transforming our business to better serve our clients"

The Relyens group will continue to work on its new business project "Relyens 2021", launched in early 2019.

In the latest edition of its annual report, you will find the Group's ambitions and prospects, its DNA as a mutualist player, its dynamic development on a European scale, its transformation project to support its customers as closely as possible in the evolution of their needs in the service of citizens, but also its commitment to building an agile company that is adapted to its environment.

Discover also the highlights that have punctuated the life of the Group in 2019 and its results confirming its growth and financial solidity.

"We are preparing for the future and we are relevant in a changing world. This line must continue to be ours in the years to come," says Olivier Bossard, Chairman of Sham's Board of Directors.

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16 mar 2020

Information COVID-19

The Relyens group works alongside its members and customers to facilitate all their procedures and the handling of their requests.

Faced with the unprecedented situation you are facing, the Relyens Group teams want to assure you of their support and commitment. We have taken the necessary steps to guarantee you our usual quality of service and constant availability.

In the mutualist spirit that drives us, we will strive to find the best solutions to cover your risks and liabilities, to enable you to adapt your organizations and resources to this exceptional situation, without complexity and with the necessary attention to each of the situations encountered.

Thus, in view of the unprecedented circumstances and in order to support its members in this difficult context, Sham, the parent company of the Relyens group, is exceptionally extending some of its insurance coverage.

Our teams will facilitate all your steps and the handling of your requests. To contact us, we recommend that you use the following means of communication.

All contact details are available on the websites sham.fr, sofaxis.com and neeria.com, under the heading "Contact / Contact us".

  1. By telephone by contacting your Customer Service department, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  2. Through your Customer Area from the home page of the corresponding site available 24/7. You will find there :
    1. The management of your claims: declaration, management and progress monitoring
    2. The management of your car and real estate fleets
    3. The details of your contracts and the management of your certificates
  3. By e-mail.

The Relyens teams thank you for your confidence and assure you of their support.

New exclusive technology partnerships

09 mar 2020

Sham forges five exclusive technology partnerships These new solutions are focused on 3 key areas: cyber risks, clinical and medical risks and staff risks

These new solutions are proposed through 5 exclusive partnerships with leading technological players: CyberMDX, Advens, Caresyntax, Clew and Amalfi. They provide an answer to Cyber, clinical and medical and staff risks. These solutions represent an opportunity for healthcare players to optimise the performance and security of their activities by combining technological solutions, risk management and insurance. Some of them are already commercialized...

To learn more


23 dec 2019

A.M. Best rating agency once again confirms the financial strength of SHAM

For the fifth consecutive year, the A.M. Best rating agency affirmed the Financial Strength Rating and Issuer Credit Rating of “A- (Excellent), stable outlook” of Sham

For A.M. Best, Sham’s balance sheet is characterised by a level of capitalisation that is perfectly suited to its risks and a high-quality, prudently managed investment portfolio.

The agency also highlights the following strengths of Sham and the Relyens group in its press release (viewable here):

  • The quality of its long-term partnerships with reinsurance players,

  • The performance of its international activities, which accounted for nearly one third of the group's revenue in 2018,

  • Its position as the leading medical malpractice insurer in France (with a market share of more than 50%) and Europe (Spain, Italy and Germany).

Dominique Godet, Chief Executive Officer of Relyens: “A.M. Best's rating confirms the Relyens group's financial strength and long-term vision, for the fifth consecutive year. This year, it reflects in particular the Group’s commitment to its reinsurer partners and members to respond to ongoing developments in healthcare, where not only medical and technological risks (such as health device safety and cyber-attacks) but also personal risks are intensifying and becoming more complex.“


20 feb 2019

Groupe Sham becomes Relyens !

...and asserts its aim to become the leading European mutual insurance group
in risk management with health and territorial actors

With 1,000 employees and operations in four countries (France, Spain, Italy and Germany), Relyens occupies a unique position at the intersection of healthcare and local government. It delivers risk management solutions to over 30,000 customers (hospitals, clinics, doctors and local and regional authorities) and protects over 900,000 people (public sector workers and elected officials).

The creation of Relyens marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Group's life, at a time when environments everywhere are changing. The challenges we face are becoming ever more complex and the interaction between healthcare and local government markets increasingly frequent: tackling public health issues at territorial level, a shared general interest mission in the service of the public, common challenges requiring detailed knowledge of territories and populations and the convergence of interests to reduce territorial inequalities, to name but a few.

Taking these changes into account requires a different, tailored response and reaffirmation of our goal: to secure and protect the implementation of our customers' public service missions.

This response is embodied in a cross-cutting project combining a strategic plan and cultural transformation, and is accompanied by a new name for the Group: Relyens. This name brings together our activities and teams under a common identity and reflects the concepts of responsibility, commitment, connection and reliability that drive us every day.

Supporting its underlying Sham, Sofaxis and Neeria brands, Relyens offers an integrated value offer in its two major historical business lines: medical risk and social protection.

  • Sham, a leading service provider for the healthcare segment and Europe's biggest medical professional liability insurer,
  • Sofaxis, a statutory risk insurance and social protection major serving regional and local authorities, <:li>
  • Neeria, a consulting firm providing advisory and training services dedicated to the healthcare and local government sectors, with a focus on enhanced innovation.

This enables us to provide our customers with ever-increasing expertise, an enhanced value offer, constant commitment from our teams and the strength of a group that is ideally positioned to meet the needs of healthcare providers and territorial players.

Read the press release.

2019, a year of ambitions shared with YOU

21 dec 2018

2019, a year of ambitions shared with YOU


We share a vision and strong convictions: fortifying the protection of your public interest mission.

For you,

We believe in richness through diversity and strength through collaboration to achieve a performance built to last.

For you, every day we strive to live by the values shared by Groupe Sham’s 970 employees across Europe!

Groupe Sham’s employees send you their best wishes for a year of shared ambitions!

Let’s discover the greetings of the Groupe Sham’s employees!


Ongoing development in Spain

15 mar 2018

Ongoing development in Spain

Sham provides medical malpractice insurance for the colleges
of physicians of Bizkaia and Cantabria.

Since winning a tender process for a major contract in Catalonia in mid-2017, making Sham the leading medical malpractice insurer in Spain, Groupe Sham’s development in this country is well underway!

After the colleges of physicians of Seville and the Balearic Islands at the beginning of the year, Sham was chosen to provide medical malpractice insurance for the colleges of physicians of Bizkaia and of Cantabria.

To find out more :


Groupe Sham wishes you a happy 2018.

03 jan 2018

2018: brimming with ideas and packed with projects

Groupe Sham wishes you a happy 2018.

With our expertise and 90 years’ experience, the support we provide to health, social and local authority players in Europe is truly unique. Groupe Sham wishes you a happy 2018.

View the animation.

Renewal of our rating by am best

03 jan 2018

Renewal of our rating by AM Best

Sham’s rating by A.M Best reflects Groupe Sham’s
sound performance and business model

17 may 2017

Groupe Sham 2016 full-year earnings

The Groupe has reaffirmed its strong development
momentum in and beyond France.

Groupe Sham’s business report can be found in the publications section.