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Relyens announces its acquisition of a stake in the PSIH Group

With a presence in more than 1,000 health establishments, 25 university hospitals, 13 cancer centres and 102 territorial hospital groups, the PSIH Group is one of the French leaders in the management and hosting of health data in hospitals. For more than 20 years, the PSIH Group has offered a decision-making platform to help hospital decision-makers better understand their data in order to make better decisions and ultimately provide better care.

This new acquisition is fully in line with the strategy deployed by Relyens. As a Risk Manager for the health and medico-social sector, our ambition is to anticipate and prevent risk, to control it and to accompany our clients in a virtuous approach, to both protect and ensure.

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Relyens announces €84 million subordinated green bond issue to finance its European development

Relyens has announced the success of its €84 million 10-year green bond issue. Paying interest at a fixed rate of 4%, the bonds were issued via the Group’s parent company, Sham, marking the first issue of its kind by a French insurance company. The amount raised will be invested in projects with a strong environmental and social impact and will strengthen the mutual group's regulatory capital during a period of significant development in Italy, Spain and Germany. The transaction is part of the Relyens Group’s strategic plan and underpins the commitments it has made as an insurer and risk manager to support healthcare providers and local authorities working for the common good.

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"Entreprise à mission" - Relyens strengthens its commitment to its stakeholders by establishing a purpose and social and environmental objectives

The representatives of the members and clients of Sham, the head company of the Relyens group, met at the General Meeting on 25 June 2021, and approved the proposal of the Board of Directors to include in the statutes of the Mutual Insurance Company, the quality of "Entreprise à mission" (mission-driven company) which allows the whole Relyens group to have a "Raison d'être" and associated social and environmental objectives. This set of principles will guide the actions of Relyens and its entities (Sham and Sofaxis) for the years to come. This important step will anchor and reinforce the mutualist values that have been the Group's DNA since its inception over 90 years ago.

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2020 results - Relyens: a solid Group that continues to grow despite the Covid-19 crisis

Relyens is a leading European mutual risk management group for healthcare professionals and local authorities, working to improve the safety of the public interest services they deliver. In 2020, the group continued to implement its Relyens2021 strategic plan.

While supporting its stakeholders during the Covid-19 crisis, the Group consolidated its core activities and asserted its European dimension through its leading brands, Sham and Sofaxis.

Thanks to the diversification of the Group’s activities over the past 5 years, for the first time premiums collected passed the €900 million mark to reach €915 million, with revenues up slightly to €488 million in a particularly difficult competitive, economic and health environment.

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Launch of Sham's Risk Management Competition

Sham, a risk manager and partner of healthcare and medical social professionals, is launching the 21st edition of its annual Risk Management Competition, which aims to promote and fund innovative, original projects to promote risk prevention.

In addition to three award categories, this year’s competition will, for the first time, include an award for a project already in place that is considered to be exemplary and highly effective in reducing risk. All facilities in the four countries in which Sham operates (France, Spain, Italy and Germany) can compete for this European award.

The competition, which will run from March to September 2021, reflects Sham's aim to continually improve care pathways so as to increase patient safety.

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