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Sustainability – A responsible investor

2022 Business report

Sustainability – A responsible investor

Rely on a meaningful investment policy that coordinates performance and risk management over the long term.

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Our Group is backed up by a meaningful investment policy that coordinates performance and risk management over the long term.  An approach that enables us to promote innovation and expertise, encourage best practice development and sharing and participate in the value creation of our markets with our customers and members.

Investment Director at Relyens

“As a Company with a Mission and an investor, convinced of the positive impact of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues, we wish to align our economic interests with our raison d’être while ensuring the financial but also extra-financial performance of our investment portfolio. As a mutualist group, we also have a responsibility to support all our stakeholders, and in particular our customers, healthcare professionals and local authorities in Europe, in the transition of their environmental and societal models. We have therefore chosen to affirm and strengthen our socially responsible investment strategy, to anchor the notion of “sustainability” and “responsibility” in all our asset classes. This is just the beginning of a long-term approach that will enable us both to sustainably improve the Group’s impact on its environment and to encourage more responsible practices within our ecosystems.”

5 pillars to implement our responsible investment policy

  • Supporting our customers and members, healthcare actors and local authorities to promote their transition to a sustainable model.
  • Promoting innovation in the care sector
  • Boosting and supporting the structure of the local economy
  • Financing projects and companies with a strong social and environmental impact
  • Contributing to the development of the property sector
Discover our Responsible Investment Charter
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Group of homeschooling children with teacher studying indoors, coronavirus concept.

Our participation in 2021 to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) reflects the transformation of our investments.  By joining, we have chosen to join an international network of over 3,000 investors and companies committed to collaboratively creating sustainable markets that contribute to a more resilient and prosperous world for everyone.

of asset portfolio
invested in real estate
of our balance sheet value dedicated to hospital financing
of our portfolio invested in green or sustainable bonds
of our financial investments devoted to financing local authorities

Our key actions


Impact contract : supporting ENVIE the development of Autonomie

Relyens has invested in the ‘impact contract’ of its partner ENVIE Autonomie, alongside the French government and other committed investors (total budget of €5.5 million).  Thanks to this investment, the organisation will be able to develop its circular economy network nationwide, focussing on medical devices, in particular technical aids.  Relyens has already been supporting the cooperative for several years, whose aim is to shape the medical equipment circular economy sector.


Private debt renewal investment management

Since 2022, Relyens has entrusted Eiffel Investment Groupe, a pioneer in positive impact investment, with the management of its private debt investments,  To date, these private debt assets total approximately €120 million, representing investments in 26 companies. The portfolio should eventually reach a target figure of €150 million. Objective: to continue our investments by optimising the selection process, monitoring financing and considering impact criteria.

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Supporting innovative projects by healthcare professionals

Through its private equity activity, Relyens assists innovative healthcare companies with setting up and/or supports them in their growth projects. To do this, our Group relies on Relyens Innovation Santé, its investment structure focused on the digitalisation of offerings, disruptive technologies and the development of medical research, in partnership with Turenne Capital.

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